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Who we are

InspCorp is a research-based ThinkTank of six specialists united with a common goal and passion- to seek inspired and innovative solutions to the energy and environmental crises facing, particularly our local community, and the world at large. Our team is made of three Environmental Scientists and three Chemical and Process Engineers. InspCorp convenes to share ideas and to develop them, taking advantage of its broad spectrum of specialised knowledge to create and develop solutions that are not only innovative but also practical, sustainable and economically viable.

We are not just any Start Up. Our creed is strongly founded in the inspiration of our faith and our belief firmly seated in the fact that we are called to change the world. All this by the power of the one who commissions us, Yahweh Tzevaoth.

Our ThinkTank has three points of focus: Energy Security, Environmental Conservation and Economic Revitalisation.


Energy Security is the first of the three points of focus at InspCorp. Our projects, research and solutions are aimed at offering alternative energy innovations as the solution to solving the global energy crisis.



InspCorp’s second point of focus is Environmental Conservation. We believe that a zero-waste processes are the heart of a zero-pollution reality. Our way of conserving the environment is by making your waste, our resource.



Our third point of focus is Economic Revitalisation. At InspCorp, we believe in transforming challenges into economical opportunities. Every need is a solution away from being the goldmine a community needs.


The Thinktank in a nutshell

Our team is made up of Mr. Nickson Mwanake (B.Eng Chemical and Process Eng, Kenya) as team leader and the specialist in Alternative Energies, Ms. Hope Mwanake (MSc. Limnology and Wetlands, UNESCO-IHE) as the Aquatic Ecosystems and Hydrology expert and Research Supervisor, Mr Farouk Omar (B.Eng Chemical and Process Eng, Kenya) as the Water Technology and Engineering specialist, Mr Michael Mulei (B.Eng Chemical and Process Eng, Kenya) as the Industrial Processes expert, Mr Ricky Mwanake (PhD. Environmental Science and Technology, Germany) as the Climate Change and GHG emissions expert and finally, Ms. Elizabeth Gachibu (MSc. Environmental Science and Technology, UNESCO-IHE) as our BioWaste Processing Expert.

Behind their academic achievements, InspCorp’s ThinkTank members have a passion for real change and a relentless spirit intent on changing the world through inspired ideas.

nick mwanake

founder AND CEO

Nickson Mwanake is Chemical and Process Engineer with a vantage outlook of the Energy Scene in Kenya derived from his previous employment with the Energy Regulatory Commission. He leads the ThinkTank on innovations on Alternative Energy and Waste to Energy Technologies.

ricky mwanake


Ricky Mwanake is a Climate Change and Environmental Technology specialist. He is passionate about curbing pollution through innovation and leads the ThinkTank in pioneering research that investigates the rate of N2O emissions from African Rivers and their contribution to global GHG emissions.

Featured Team Members

An enthusiastic Environmental Scientist, Aquatic Biologist and Hydrologist. Ms Hope is also a Social Entrepreneur, Mandela Washington Fellow 2014, GSIH Fellow 2014, Queens Young Leader Runners Up 2015 and a passionate mother.

Hope  Mwanake

Aquatic Ecosystems and Hydrology Expert

Farouk Omar is a Chemical and Process Engineer, currently dealing with water treatment technologies. He has handled a myriad of wastewater treatment technologies for industrial and domestic wastewater types in a wide range of capacities, earning him an acumen in the design, installation,  process troubleshooting and maintenance of such systems

Farouk Omar

Water Treatment Technologies Expert

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So, what are we usually up to?



Unless an idea is implemented, it remains information on paper. At InspCorp, we use our expertise in industrial processes to implement every new idea into an innovative project that is not only scaleable but also able to produce real impact and create economic opportunities.

All our projects are in line with our three points of focus-Energy Security, Environmental Conservation and Economic Revitalisation- and are birthed directly from the scientific and technological research undertaken by our ThinkTank.

Whether you are an investor or world changer, we invite to explore our projects and be part of our innovative initiative.


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InspCorp provides a wide-range of scientific and technology-based solutions aimed at accelerating the vision represented by our three points of focus. Our ThinkTank is highly professional and well experienced in diverse scientific and technological disciplines.

We take a multi-faceted approach to problem solving in order to provide a practical, efficient and tailored solution for our clients.

InspCorp provides solutions on specific areas in Alternative Energy and Waste Management. Check out our Solutions page to explore all the ways we can assist you.

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InspCorp currently provides solutions on specific areas in Alternative Energy and Waste Management.  Contact us for a free quote.

BioGas Systems design and installation

BioGas Systems are the perfect balance between managing your organic waste and meeting your energy demands. InspCorp will design and install you a BioGas System that is tailored and perfect for your resources and needs.

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System Monitoring

The Digester Monitoring System (DMS) is InspCorp’s proprietary innovation designed to measure your BioGas Reactor’s production rate and other process parameters. Find out what this new technology can do for you.

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Process Maintenance and troubleshooting

Process Maintenance and Troubleshooting for your Bio-Reactor is essential for the optimal performance of the complex biological process it employs. Let InspCorp provide you with a solution plan that will resuscitate and optimise your system.

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The motivation behind our research is the realisation of the complexity of the global situation on Climate Change and Energy Security. The urgency of the need for mitigation measures to reduce GHGs is, for InspCorp, obvious; made apparent by the destructive expression of climate change in our country that has ensured Kenya faces alternating seasons of drought and floods weighing on already economically battered society. Affordable energy for low income communities which is predominantly carbonaceous solid fuels  aggravates the situation by contributing to deforestation.

It is this situation that motivates the InspCorp ThinkTank to undertake research that seeks solutions which not only go beyond Zero-Wastes but also alleviate the global energy situation by discovering new and affordable energy sources.

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New Ideas are the core of our soul

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“whatever is true, whatever is venerable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if any excellence and if any praise–think on these things.”


Are you in our community?

Changing the world is a local event. We, at InspCorp, believe in the ripple effect of true impact. Our world begins at our local community in Likoni. That is why we have a deeply ingrained community engagement strategy that forms the foundational cores of our existence. If you belong to the Likoni and greater Mombasa community, learn more what our community engagement programme means for you.

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